What is CAFS, why should I be interested?

What is CAFS, why should I be interested?

Compressed Air Foam Systems come in a variety of sizes and formats, to suit individual requirements. It is a relatively new firefighting technique, where self-contained apparatus mix compressed air with water and foam.

One of the benefits is that the systems typically use only a 3rd of the water normally required to extinguish a fire using water alone. Or, put another way, a given amount of water will cover 3 times the fire area.

The portable versions are capable of being filled in under 1 minute using purpose designed mobile refill kits.


  • Versatile – comes in many different sizes and capacities from small portable backpacks up to vehicle and building protection systems
  • Tactical – can use different types of foam with different spray modes and different jet guns
  • Economy – optimised foam generation for high efficiency, lower collateral damage and cleaning costs
  • User-friendly – easy to use, maintain and repair with lower component costs
  • Powerful – even the smallest system has a jet range of over 20 m and operates at a constant 38 bar pressure

The portable devices are superb for getting quickly to fire threatened areas, which may be some distance from a reliable water source, and containing the threat before it gets out of control.

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