Fluoro Free Fire Fighting Foam

Fluoro Free Fire Fighting Foam

Fluorine-free 3% foam concentrate for hydrocarbon fires which performs better than the best AFFFs


Fluorine-free 3% foam concentrate with:

  • Excellent smothering properties equal to the best AFFF foams.
  • Very long burn back time equal to the best protein foams
  • Performs well with either fresh water of sea water
  • Used as a protective fire barrier for long-lasting cooling of storage containers or hydrocarbon tanks.
  • Adhesive nature, along with slow drainage, offer durable adherence on vertical surfaces.

Low environmental impact, completely free of fluorine derivatives (PFCs) and is classified as readily biodegradable, breaking down rapidly with no PBT (Persistent Bioaccumulable Toxic) residue and contains no halogen derivatives.