IBC Spill Containment Units

IBC Spill Containment Units

Spill units for the containment and control of a range of liquids including acids, caustics, oils and fuels


The Containment Unit is designed to hold IBC (1000L) tank, with options of a Single Units (holding 1 x IBC Tank), or Double Unit (able to hold 2 x IBC Tanks, or 8 x 250L drums).

Each spill unit comes with drain plugs for easy removal of spilled liquids, and options include grates, dispensing wells, funnels and spill unit covers

Additional information

Size Options

Single (1 x IBC Unit), Double Unit (2 x IBC Units or 8 x 250L Drums)

Extras Available

Grates, Covers, Funnels, Dispensing Wells