Firefighting Foam (Class A)

When fighting bushfires, water can often be at a premium, so a good quality foam that makes the water go further is a must. Our Class A Bushfire Foam expands up to 100 times.

Paramount (Class A) Foam is a rebranded, US Forestry Service approved, firefighting foam manufactured for us under licence.

Paramount (Class A) Foam is manufactured from surface active agents and foaming agents to produce a very low environmental impact. It is fully biodegradable and meets AS 4351-1996 standards for biodegradability. The product and the resulting foam solution can be successfully treated in biological wastewater treatment systems.

Paramount Fire & Protection Services maintains a large stock of the Class A Foam in our warehouse. This product is available for “out of hours” deliveries in the event of an emergency.

Available Sizes

Class A Foam comes in a variety of pack sizes, including 2 litres, 20 litres and bulk 1 ton. The foam is a concentrate that, when mixed with water, expands up to 100 times (20 litres concentrate makes 2,000 litres of finished foam).

We would normally recommend that this is used in a device like a Propak, where the pure concentrate is mixed with the water as it is used and then the user can adjust the foam mix at the nozzle.