Compressed Air Foam Systems (CAFS)

CAFS does away with the needs for a bulky, heavy and expensive pump to produce foam, by using compressed air, making for lighter and quicker to deploy fire-fighting when it is needed.

Compressed Air Foam Systems come in a variety of sizes and formats, to suit individual requirements. It is a relatively new firefighting technique, where self-contained apparatus mix compressed air (rather than having to use a heavy pump) with water and foam. One of the benefits is that the systems typically use only a 3rd of the water usually required to extinguish a fire using water alone. Or, put another way, a given amount of water will cover three times the fire area.

HNE CAFS by Paramount Fire & Protection Services

Portable CAFS

Lightweight and quick to deploy, the portable devices are superb for getting quickly to fire threatened areas, which may be some distance from a reliable water source, and allow the wearer to contain the threat before it gets out of control.

Optional range of accessories – carrying handles, swivel jet guns, additional cylinder holder (for Breathing Apparatus).

This new generation of extinguishers features CFRP-composite pressure vessels delivering new levels of performance. With an increased jet range of more than 20 meters, users can fight fires with pinpoint accuracy from a safer distance.

The foam generation is switchable to heavy liquid or adhesive CAFS consistency. This allows adaptation to different fire situations within seconds while offering unprecedented safety and flexibility.

Mobile CAFS

Reliable and effective protection for larger buildings or fire-prone areas, where the portable devices lack the necessary capacity.

Sprinkler systems can be expensive and inflexible. Once triggered, they can affect non-burning areas – sometimes with devastating collateral damage.

Our powerful 50-litre devices are designed to cover larger areas. They are quick and flexible to apply and can reach the highest storage racks. The sturdy chassis is moveable over rough terrain. The front wheels have brakes for safe use on gradients, and the push handle is foldable to save on storage space.

Transportable CAFS

Higher capacity units, ideal for use on the back of vehicles to provide an effective rapid response fire-fighting capacity. The CAFS unit and tank can be attached as one on a sledge, which can then be fork-lifted on or off as required, allowing the vehicle to be used for other purposes.