Firefighter’s Helmets

Fire-fighters risking their lives deserve the best protection. Our light-weight, durable and highly fire-resistant helmets, provide it.

Firefighter’s Helmets manufactured in Poland and fully certified for use throughout Europe and in the United States. They are currently undergoing certification testing for Australian Standards.

The cutting-edge construction of this personal protection equipment uses injection technology to provide the highest quality and mechanical parameters. The injection moulded materials used are tested to resist flame and heat streams of up to 1,000 °C while being light-weight, ventilated and multifunctional.

Nomex® cushions and liners, give soft and comfortable interiors, helping to prevent abrasions. All of the helmets are available with a broad range of accessories, including torches and communication systems and are suitable for use with breathing apparatus. All exterior components, including chin straps, are flame retardant.

KZPT Firefighter Helmets

Calisia Vulcan

The Calisia Vulcan fire helmet was designed considering the growing requirements and needs of firefighters. The new solutions introduced are primarily aimed at increasing utility values. The latest technologies and top-quality materials have been used to produce this helmet. The helmet is lightweight and characterised by excellent protective, utility and construction properties. In severe, extreme conditions the helmet ensures the highest level of safety.

Type B helmet, for structural firefighting, which ensures full protection of the firefighter’s ears, forehead and neck.

Multiple variations, styles and colour choices available. Optional metalized visors to protect the wearer from radiated heat can be used over a breathing apparatus mask.

Tytan Max

The lightweight Tytan Max is designed for prolonged use when bush firefighting as well as technical and road rescue operations. Available in a range of colour choices.

Full protection at low and high temperatures (-20°C ÷ +50°C) in terms of shock absorption capability, resistance to ball impact with speed of 120 m/s, resistance to lateral compressive forces, resistance to liquid chemicals, hot solids, short-term contact with electric cables under alternating voltage of up to 440 V and others in accordance with appropriate standards.