Avoid the risk of a backdraft by tackling a compartment fire from outside. Penetrate the wall in around 30 seconds, then introduce a cooling mist to extinguish the fire.

The PyroLance transitional fire attack is a tool designed to prioritise the safety of firefighters whilst still providing them with tools, techniques, and tactics that allow them to be highly effective in their approach. This provides them with a safer work environment to achieve their objectives in an efficient manner.

The principle of PyroLance transitional fire attack is to utilise gas cooling along with surface cooling, which has a profound effect in that minimal water is required, due to the ultra-high pressure water mist technology. The unique feature of being able to penetrate using the lance from outside allows active control of interior fire conditions from an exterior defensive position with reduced risk to the firefighter. Can typically penetrate a concrete block, or double brick wall in around 30 seconds.

PyroLance – Ultra-High Pressure Water Gun

The System

The PyroLance system consists of a high-pressure pump unit, water supply, abrasive supply, hose and hand-held lance. The PyroLance and the (optional) PyroBlitz can easily be integrated within any fire vehicle, trailer or skid. Petrol, diesel and PTO hydraulic configurations are available.

The system uses an Ultra-High Pressure (UHP) pump, delivering micro-droplets of water at pressures over 70 bar (1,000 PSI). By reducing the droplet size, UHP increases the surface area for any given volume of water by 16 to 20 times. This allows the micro-droplets to absorb heat, drop temperatures and extinguish the fire with incredible speed while reducing collateral damage.

PyroLance Transitional Attack Tool