Reach and Rescue

When people get into trouble speed is often a key factor for a successful rescue. In fast moving water, at the bottom of a treacherous slope, stuck in mud, whatever the situation, getting to them quickly is paramount.

That is why we import the ReachandRescue telescopic pole system. Manufactured in the United Kingdom, and backed-up by a lifetime guarantee.

Teach and Rescue Pole


The ReachandRescue is available in various configurations, to suit requirements, including ready-made kits with all the relevant accessories.

  • Offshore Rescue Kit
  • Animal Rescue Kit
  • Ultralight Pole Kit

The telescopic poles come in various lengths;

  • Extended – 5 m, 9 m, 13 m, 17 m
  • Collapsed – 1.8 m, 2.1 m, 2.4 m, 2.6 m

Weighing from 2.1 kg to 5.2 kg, making them compact, light-weight and easy to deploy.

The poles are available on their own, with a range of attachments and accessories, that allow the user to create the system they need.