Paramount Fire and Protection Services are proud to be partnered with some of the world’s most innovative companies, manufacturing international standard firefighting and safety equipment and incorporating cutting edge technological advancements into their designs.

Using only the highest quality materials, these products offer unsurpassed safety, protection and performance, designed to meet the requirements of our diverse customer base.  Whether it be for onshore, offshore and marine industry applications, we aim to be the supplier of choice for superior quality fire, safety and rescue equipment and systems.

KZPT manufacture innovative and highly effective firefighting and safety helmets engineered to give firefighters every possible advantage.  Using latest heat and fire-retardant materials, these lightweight yet durable helmets incorporate adaptable multi-visor systems.

HNE Technologie AG is a worldwide manufacturer of innovative, high performance portable and mobile Compressed Air Foam Systems (CAFS) and equipment guaranteeing superior operations, used by fire brigades, police and defence forces.

Kube Pump produce international quality motor-pumps tailored for specific demands. Compact yet powerful, these advanced systems can operate in dirty, oily or flood water, sewage or seawater. Ideal for firefighting as there is no priming system – just click to start within seconds.

Pearl Fire is a global specialist in the manufacturing and distribution of custom made firefighting products and services used throughout the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Marine, Offshore, and Emergency Services industries. As a whole solution provider, Pearl Fire builds the best fit for purpose products for the customer, complete with commissioning and training.

Reach and Rescue provide a range of specialist, telescopic poles (extending to over 18 meters) enabling distance retrieval for rescuers.

Coltraco Ultrasonics is a British technology manufacturer. Since 1987 they have designed and produced a range of products and systems in the UK. Their technology focusses on three strands; liquid level testing of fire suppression systems, room/compartment integrity testing and sprinkler flow-rate testing.

FHR design and professionally manufacture a complete one-stop head-to-toe range of firefighting and safety PPE, using the best quality components available in the industry. FHR live by their slogan ‘FOR HEROES’, ensuring safety is never compromised and that maximum protection is provided, so that firefighters can return safely to their families.  FHR PPE is of premium quality, yet affordable and price competitive.

PyroLance manufacture a unique water gun that allows firefighters to pierce, with pressurised water, through steel, concrete, brick or glass, and then attacks the fire inside.  Used by the Air Force, Navy and fire brigades, this tool cools the thermal layer and reduces chances of backdraft or flashover, increasing the safety for the firefighters.

Paramount Safety Group offers a range of safety products marketed under the ProChoice® Safety Gear brand, which stands for quality and value. The breadth of products has grown rapidly to include not only an expanding range of PPE, but sunscreen, hazard and road barriers, product printing services and many more. The company’s operating philosophy has been to sell only to its network of resellers, not to end users.

MARSOL Technologies specialises primarily in the fire-safety aspects of helideck operations – designing and deploying products and systems that go to helping ensure that best practice and the safest possible environment is achieved. Their DIFFS nozzles do not ‘pop-up’ on the deck and instead, discharge foam from their fixed position, increasing reliability and coverage in adverse conditions.