Thermal Imaging Cameras

In the heat of battle, a thermal imaging camera (TIC) allows firefighters to see through smoke, locate hot spots, assisting them to better visualise and determine a strategy to saves lives.

FLIR K-Series is a professional, affordable thermal imaging camera for firefighting.

Thermal cameras allow users to see in the dark for search and rescue purposes, as well as identifying heat sources, such as hot gasses that may not otherwise be visible. In bushfire conditions, a TIC can be used by firefighters to locate hidden embers and take action, before the embers burst into flame.

Model Choice

Most of our cameras have different settings so the user can configure them on the fly, for particular circumstances. In search and rescue, a lower temperature will be of use, in a raging fire, a higher temperature will help to isolate extreme hot spots.

Reliable clarity and performance give firefighters the confidence to navigate the darkest and smokiest environments.